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"Enjoy Service" provides a full range of interpretation services helping you to understand your partners, colleagues, and friends during business negotiations, meetings, conferences, and presentations.

Последовательный устный перевод

Consecutive interpretation is one of the types of interpretation when the speaker makes pauses from time to time, then the interpreter renders this part of the speech. Consecutive interpretation is usually used for events with a relatively small number of participants such as business negotiations and friendly meetings with foreign partners.

Переводческое сопровождение

Interpreting support. An important component of consecutive interpretation is a provision of guides and interpreters. It is necessary when you're going to attend exhibitions, embassies or travel abroad, visit industrial facilities, take part in installation and commissioning of equipment, etc. We will provide you with the specialist who has wide experience in the field of interpreting, excellent knowledge of foreign and state languages, and presentable appearance.

Синхронный устный перевод

Simultaneous interpreting is performed using special equipment thanks to which the interpreter can render simultaneously the speaker's speech. When interpreting, the simultaneous interpreter seats in the soundproof booth with a headset, so his/her voice can't drown the voice of the speaker. Interpretation is transmitted to the audience via headphones with the sound amplification equipment. Simultaneous interpretation equipment is usually used for events, involving a large number of people, in big halls or rooms (conferences, seminars, presentations, etc.). We can provide you with highly qualified interpreters and complete technical support of events.

Оборудование для синхронного перевода

Simultaneous interpreting equipment. We lease modern wireless equipment for simultaneous interpretation; we can install/remove or set up this equipment. We also provide technical support. You can order equipment for simultaneous interpretation without the involvement of our interpreters. Special equipment for simultaneous interpretation includes:

  • soundproof booths (or modular)
  • radio headsets
  • microphones
  • headphones or portable receivers for each participant
  • sound amplification system