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Corporate Training

We are glad to offer you corporate English language training at the office of your company. Our experience shows that the optimal learning environment with qualified experienced teachers turns the process into interesting communication, increases the interest in learning the language, and provokes a desire to gain knowledge.

You can choose the most appropriate model of corporate training with experienced teachers.

  1. Detection of the company employees’ level of the English language proficiency using the testing method
  2. Forming of student groups based on the testing results
  3. Development / correction of the training program and drawing-up of an individual education plan for a group
  4. Training of the client-company employees will be carried out at any convenient (agreed) time, subject to the attendance by a teacher of the training location

The time of the corporate training is offered at choice on a day-to-day basis from 9.00 a.m. until 21.00 p.m. The training is conducted exclusively by highly qualified teachers of “Enjoy Service”LLPaccording to the developed education plan. The quantitative composition of a group is up to 10 persons.

The average duration of a course is 3 – 3,5 months with the frequency of 3 times a week by 1 astronomical hours (60 minutes). Within the course of training,there is provided the conduction of control tests (both written and oral), and the maintenance of records of the classes held, including the attendance statistics by groups.

Upon completion of the level, we hold the final exam and issue a certificate, indicating the level of proficiency.